Barapukuria supercritical coal-fired power plant most popular

Barapukuria Coal Based Thermal power Plant

Barapukuria supercritical coal-fired Dinajpur is a heart of the North Zone in Bangladesh. This is a steam power plant like another thermal power plant. This Power Plant have 2 units each of units capacity is 125 MW and the total capacity is 250MW. The first unit Was installed 15 Nov 2005 and the 2nd unit installed 15 Feb 2006. Coal based power plant basically run on ranking cycle.

Table of Content Of barapukuria-supercritical-coal-fired

  1. Coal Treatment
  2. Generation
  3. Generated Voltage and supply Voltage
  4. Auxiliary system
  5. Cooling system
  6. Waste management

Coal Treatment:

Coal Treatment of barapukuria-supercritical-coal-fired is one of the major issues of a coal-fired thermal power plant. Because if we do not process it properly we can not burn it efficiently and also have a major issue of coal is the level of methane.  There is a standard level over the world for methane. In Bangladesh, we have a coal mining besides the plant. we bring coal from it by the belt and passing into the coal crusher, the crusher resizes the coal at a level after that, This coal goes to the coal conveyor and finally goes to coal pulverizer. For backup coal storage in the store section. Moreover, there is a coal separator will separate the coal which size is not enough for burning and Which coal is ready to burn, the coal passing through the machinethe image of Coal power plant crusher and break it into powder and through it into a boiler and burn for water heating.  This is the process of coal treatment of a super-critical coal base power plant Barapukuria. Annual Coal Consumption is 0.72 million metric ton at 70% plant power factor. And when the coal burned it will produce some gas the average characteristics of the whole seam  is

  •  Fixed Carbon   ———–    48.4%
  • Volatile Matter ————   29.2%
  • Ash  ————————    12.2%
  • Total Moister ————–   10.0%
  • Total Sulpher ————–   0.53%
  • Gross economic value —–  6100k/cal

barapukuria-supercritical-coal-fired Power Plant

Generation Of Barapukuria Power Plant

The generation of Barapukuria power plant is 13.8kv. Here used QFS-125-2 model generator and it coupling with the turbine which is rotated at 3000rpm. The can generate 13.8kv voltage and their single unit produced 125MW. And this voltage steps up to 230kv.

Generated Voltage and supply Voltage

barapukuria-supercritical-coal-fired, At previous topic, I have been said about the generation of Barapukuria power plant. TheRE produce or generate the voltage of a single generator is 13.8 KV. there is two unit and each unit has a single generator. This generating

  The image of Generator of Barapukuria power plant

Coal power plant generator and its analog rating meter of Barapukuria

By this meter we can observed the current voltage etc of the generator.

voltage up by the XFR to 230v and supply to the national grid. This is all about Barapukuria power plant generated voltage and supply voltage.barapukuria-supercritical-coal-fired.

Auxiliary system of Barapukuria Power Plant

the image of Barapukuria 250MW and 450MW power plant water cooling system

This is a water cooling system of a thermal power plant Bangladesh, Barapukuria

barapukuria-supercritical-coal-fired auxiliary system means what is the total power needed to operate the power plant. For the cooling purpose, it used water. how has the process done? when the high-pressure stem hit the turbine and rotate it

Coal firing system of barapukuria power plant

This is a DCS coal firing system of 250MW Barapukuria Power plant

and the end of the turbine the pressure of the steam is low and the temp is low. when this low pressure and temp stem need to cool, so it is passing into the condenser and cooling by the external close path process and the stem again come back into the water and for that, the efficiency will increase.barapukuria-supercritical-coal-fired.
Firing system of barapukuria-supercritical-coal-fired

Waste Management Of Barapukuria Power Plant

The image of Barapukuria Coal power plant ash collector

Ash collector of Barapukuria power plant

barapukuria-supercritical-coal-fired waste is ash. The annual generation of ash is 0.8 million metric ton at 70% plant factor. The store ash in the ash pond. The ash is collected by this electrostatic precipitator. By this 99.9% ash collect and store in the ash pond with some chemistry and water.
Dry Ash Free Basis

1. Carbon———-83.0%


3. Oxygen ——–9.4%

4. Nitrogen ——-1.7%


This is all about Waste Management of Barapukuria power plant.

Barapukuria-supercritical-coal-fired power plant. When the northern area was suffered from the under voltage, fluctuating voltage, load shading, not reliable for irrigation, after installing Barapukuria power plant all those problems has been solved.
Another 450MW combined cycle thermal power plant is under constructing.