Best electrical equipment over the world use

In power system, we have chosen best electrical equipment over the world, there is some reason behind it. The first reason is,

  1.  Easy to use.
  2. Easy to understand all parameter ( when we have observed it by digitally)
  3. Long lasting.
  4. Accurate result.
  5. Available component whole the world.
  6. Providing good service.
  7. Brand Value.

A best electrical equipment, we have found those qualities.

  • Circuit Breaker.
  • Oil Circuit Breaker
  • SF6 Circuit Breaker
  • Isolator.
  • Different types of Relay.
  • Different types metering system
  • Circuit Protection and Distribution
  • Wire, Cable and Carrier System.
  • Switch gear System

The best electrical equipment making company over the world is American G-Electronics. G is the world best company ever, You know why because this company makes any types of electrical equipment with best quality and long lasting. Their product is too good on the other hand the price little bit high from the other companies. All the first world countries are used their products without any doubt. This company mainly make power station and distribution electrical equipment.  Like Transmission line Pole, Transformer, Different types

American G electronocs electrical equipment

of the relay, Differential Relay, Wire pilot relay, MHO relay etc, Circuit breaker like vacuum Circuit Breaker, oil circuit breaker, sf6 Circuit breaker, Isolator etc.


The second world countries are used ABB and Siemens company  electrical equipment. Because that company equipment price in less than G. Quality is good but not enough like G.

American best electrical equipment diesel engine 40 years ago

Power Plant engine

Circuit breaker:

CB is one of the most vital and important electrical equipment in the power station. If any fault occurs in the power system, suddenly it works and breaks the system from the faulty  section.


What is relay, It is an electrical intelligent device. why it is intelligent because it can measure the abnormal condition of the power system and gives a signal to CB to operate against it.

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