Bheramara power plant

Bheramara 60 MW Power Plant, Sirajgonj

Bheramara power plant is an engine based bower plant. It has been operated since 1976. There are three units and first and second unit has been operated since 1976 and the third unit has been operated from 1980. Capacity of the Bheramara power plant is 60 MW. Each of the unit’s capacity is 20 MW. At an early stage when our total generation capacity was 300 MW, Bheramara power plant was one of the largest power plants in Bangladesh. Now it is one of oldest power plant of Bangladesh. Although its total capacity is 60 MW, due to some internal loss of 13MW it can supply 47 MW to national grid.

Working principle of Bheramara 60 MW diesel engine power plant

This is a diesel engine based power plant. Fuel and air mixture is used for power generation. At first purify the air by filtering. The filtering is done under three processes in air intake system. They use HFO (Heavy fuel oil) as fuel. After strain the air goes to the compressor and the air is compressed and the compressed air passes to the combustion chamber. After that the compressed air and fuel is mixed in the combustion chamber and it is burned with the help of the spark plug. After combustion, high temperature and high gas is produced in the combustion chamber. This high pressure temperature and high pressure gases drive the turbine and the turbine is rotated at 5100 rpm. Turbine is coupled with the generator and the generator speed is 3000 rpm. They maintain this speed by using gear system.

 The main components of a gas turbine

  • Start-up motor.
  • Air inlet.
  • Combustion Chamber.
  • Gear System.
  • Cooling system.
  • Protection System

 Air inlet system of Bheramara power plant

Combustion chamber needs pure air for the combustion. So the air inlet system is most imp

air filtering of Bheramara power plant

Bheramara power plant air Filtration

ortant. They use atmospheric air and it is filtered by three stage of filtration system in the air intake system.

Compressor of Bheramara power plant

They have used compressor to raise the pressure for combustion. With the help of the rotating blade compressor force the air and static blade raise the air pressure in the compressor. This high pressure air passes to the combustion chamber.

Combustion chamber of Bheramara power plant

In combustion chamber there is a spark plug. The mixture of high pressure air and the heavy fuel come into the combustion chamber. After combustion it will produce high temperature and high pressure gases. This hot gas helps to drive the turbine.

Generator of Bheramara power plant

Bheramara power plant air Filtration

Start-up motor of Bheramara power plant

Start-up motor is one of the most important parts of a gas turbine. By this start-up-motor the turbine removes the inertia. When the motor speed is 1600 rpm and the turbine speed is 750 rpm at that time start-up motor is separated and turned off.

Gear system of Bheramara power plant

Power plant uses gear system. It is needed to adjust the turbine speed and the generator speed. In Bheramara power plant turbine is connected with the generator, both are rotated in different speed. Turbine speed is 5100 rpm and generator speed is 3000 rpm. For this adjustment of rotor speed and to maintain the frequency, gear system is used in Bheramara power plant.

Turbine of Bheramara power plant

Bheramara power plant uses gas turbine. Its model is ‘GE-MS-5001’ and its speed is 5100 rpm.

Generator of Bheramara power plant

In Bheramara power generator install capacity is 20 MW and the generated voltage is 11 KV.

Cooling system of Bheramara power plant

They have used two types of cooling system. One is lube oil cooling and another one is water cooling system. Lube oil is used to cool the bearing of the turbine and also for turbine cell they have used air intake system. Cooling system is most important part of any power plant.

Shaft movement of Bheramara power plant

They move the shaft at certain angle when the turbine is turned off. Because of the turbine section, a high temperature is produced and for that reason turbine blade can be bend. So they move the shaft at 450 in every three minutes.

Protection System of Bheramara power plant

They have used different type of protection

  1. Current transformer (CT)

    Vacuum circuit breaker of Bheramara

    Bheramara power plant air Filtration

  2. Potential transformer (PT)
  3. Lighting Arrester.
  4. Vacuum circuit breaker

Auxiliary system

They use a 11/.4 KV step-down transformer to operate electrical equipment such as water pump for water cooling system, control room operation. They take this power from gird line. They also use DC power supply for emergency situation.

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