Power Plant Generation Capacity

Get ideas about power plant generation of Bangladesh. Generation of the power plant it is depending on the output of the generator. As an example: our generation voltage is 11kv to 15.5 kv. This voltage steps up by the Step up transformer and its convert to 132Kv or 230kv or 400kv and the total capacity of the power plant depending on  how much the generator capacity have. If a power plant has 6 generator to generate electricity and a single generator can produce 8.7 MW. So the total output of that plant is approximately 52 MW.

Get ideas about it

In Bangladesh have different types of power plant.  But the theme is similar of each other. I have already discussed about the total capacity of  different power plant in Bangladesh.  If you want to know about it just click and read out.

We have many based power plant and many picking power plant and gas power plant. One point is that after producing electricity this is passing through the wire and the wire diameter is bigger than the wire is connected with the grid line. Because the generator output  voltage is 11kv but the current is high. That is the reason behind this.