Ghorashal Thermal 950MW power plant

Ghorashal Power Station

Ghorashal Thermal 950MW power plant was established in 1974 North East of Dhaka near to the Shitalakshya River. GPS is one of the largest power plants in Bangladesh. Total install capacity of this plant is 950 MW. Which Ghorosal Power is 10% power of national grid? It has total units for power generation. Now the present De-rated capacity is 740MW.  Nowadays a new project is under construction which is combined cycle and the capacity of this new project is 365MW. All the units have been installed by the Techno Prom export, Russia. Manpower of GPS around 1200(Regular employee).

For power generation plants work under this process.

  • Water Treatment Plant
  • Steam turbine
  • Generator
  • Boilar
  • Control Room
  • Protection System


Water Treatment Plant:

Why water treatment needed because of for production of steam and cooling purpose. We don’t use extrinsic water for steam because of the turbine and this water purified by the mechanical and chemical process.

Ghorashal Thermal 950MW power plant

Generator Ghorashal Thermal Power Station:

In GPS two types of generator used. One is TB-60-2 and another one is TGB- MT3. It has two poles and the frequency is 50 Hz and speed is 3000 rpm.

Generator component:

Stator, Rotor, slip ring, carbon brush, Ac excitation, DC excitation, Static excitation.
For Cooling system plant used, air cooling system, water cooling system, H2 cooling system.

The boiler is basically used for breed steam and gets thermal energy. In GPS there are six boilers. Those are used to generate steam for the power plant. The main purpose of the boiler is used to produce steam and the turbines generally it is called as the steam boiler.

Control system:
The control room is basically is used for control and monitoring the plant equipment. For every unit, there are different control system desk. The engineers can control all of the equipment off Ghorashal Thermal 950MW power plant.

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