Identification of power plant

How to define power plant is thermal or gas. In Bangladesh have many kinds of power plant like Thermal, Gas, Combined, Hydro, Wind etc. So how can we define? Which will thermal or gas or other PP.The main point is that by which product (fuel) will hit the turbine and it will start rotating and produce electricity. This is how we can define the power plant name. So we can say that for thermal pp we are used vapor to rotate the turbine, For gas PP we burn the gas in the combustion chamber and its produce a high pressure and temp products through the turbine and its rotate and produce electricity.

Combined Power Plant

What is combined cycle? It is basically after completing the full cycle of the gas turbine its exhaust gases released in the atmosphere, but combined cycle use this exhaust gases and passing through the another turbine for produce electricity. This process is called close cycle of a gas turbine also called combined cycle.

How to define power plant is thermal or gas

For wind turbine why it is called wind turbine because of the electricity source is wind. Wind flow through the turbine and its rotate and also it is coupling with the generator and produce electricity. On the other hand there is many engine based power plant. now what is engine base power plant? Which power plant used engine and its fuel source is diesel oil or furnace oil to produce electricity. Engine base power plant  have not able to produce large amount of  electricity. Because there install capacity  is 50 to 150 MW. This type of engine base power plant have one main problem, the problem is that there per unit generation cost is very high from any other power plant  Because of the plant use diesel and furnace as fuel source to produce electricity.