Overview About Power Plant

Power Plant Overview In bd. At an early stage, the total generation of Bangladesh was 300 MW. At that time the base power plant was Veramara power plant. It was produced 60 MW of our demand & also it was called the largest power plant in Bangladesh. On that time they could supply only 20% people of our total population. Day by day our population increased and also increased our demand, on the other hand, our government also built new power plants.

About all power plant capacity in Bangladesh

Now Our government had been built many base power plant likes Barapukuria (250MW), Mymensingh (210 MW), Ashuganj (724 MW) Ghorasal (950 MW), Rawjan & Sikolbaha (420 MW & 150+60 MW) Kaptai (230 MW) Veramara (60 MW), Baghabari (171 MW),  Meghna and Siddirgonj(1300 MW).

We have many base power plant but we are not able to meet up out total demand. Our government agreement with many foreign private companies power plant to produce electricity until our new base power plant built. This type power plant is called Rental Power Plant. Rental power plant mainly produces 50- 150 MW power plant.

Power Plant Overview In Bangladesh. On the other hand, our government installs peaking power plant which is used only the peak hour. That is why this is called peaking power plant. Now (2017) our total generation 10000 MW but our total demand is approximately 15000 MW and the can supply only 60% people of our total generation. Other 40% people they won’t get electricity. But in this 40%, their 10% use the solar panel for electricity.

Power Plant Overview In bd

However, our Current Prime Minister Prime Minister (Sheikh Hasina) vision is everyone gets electricity in between 2021. In 2021 our generation will be 24000 MW and 2030 our generation will be 40000 MW and 2041 our generation will be 60,000 MW approximately. I hope  So every people will get electricity before 2021 in Bangladesh.  So we can say that within 2030 we are all under coverage on grid power system in Bangladesh. It’s all about power plant overview in Bangladesh