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Rajshahi Katakhali 50MW power plant

Rajshahi power plant
Introduction of Rajshahi Katakhali 50 MW power plant

Rajshahi power plant. It is a peaking 50 MW  in Bangladesh. Why it is called peaking. Behind this name there is some reason, we use or start this type of power plant in peak load hour when we need more power at that time we will start this type of power plant. the image of rajshahi Power plant chimneey
This is basically diesel engine base power plant. This type of power plant fuel source is diesel and furnishes oil. Diesel is called LFO(low fuel oil)  and furnish is called HFO (heavy fuel oil).What is the reason behind two types of oil they used? The reason is it is cost effective and it goes down the rate of the electricity production per unit.

Working principle of Katakhali Diesel engine power plant

step1: demineralized water pump.
step 2: Start HRSG (Heat Recovery Steam System) power supply.

step 3: Start up the boiler supply

Step 4: Start the compressor

Step 5: Open the compressor air valve after in engine room the air pressure raised 25 bars.

Step 6: Open the steam valve in HFO booster unit and when steam pressure raised at 4 bars.

Step 7: Start the LFO pump from the control room.

Step 8: Start the HFO pump from the control room.

Step 9: Start booster and viscosity pump.

Step 10: Run the engine and produce electricity.


Production capacity of katakhali power plant

The production capacity of the katakhali power plant is 50 MW. In this plant have 6 diesel engine each of the engine capacity is 8.7 MW. If we are summing of all the generator capacity it will be 52.2 MW.

Fuel processing of Rajshahi power plant Katakhali Power Plant

Fuel processing is the most important think for the power plant. Because of when the fuel is ready for burning there is some condition. This process is needed for both oil is used in this plant. First of all, we have to purify the LFO oil and store in the LFO tank. For HFO oil processing is a little bit different, HFO oil temperatureRajshahi Power plant fuel tank should be 1100 C when we used for burning. At first This HFO come into the HFO tank through the pipe and heat up this oil around 600 C. After that this oil comes into the buffer tank from HFO tank, again the oil temperature raised around 700-800 C and finally the oil come into the day tank for use, the oil temperature will be 1100 – 1200 C. Then we are able to use this HFO oil. This is all about the fuel processing of the katakhali 50 MW power plant. On point is that why we needed HFO fuel temperature 110-1200 C. Because this is heavy oil if we raised the temperature at this level it acts like LFO oil.

Diesel engine of Katakhali Power Plant

Katakhali power plant engine based. The engine model of the katakhali power plant is GSD 18 V 32/40 MAN. This engine is manufactured by Germany MAN company and it has 18 V shape valve that is why it is called 18 V MAN. The generator coupling with the diesel engine and it is rotated at 3000 rpm with two poles.

Generated Voltage and supply Voltage

The generated voltage depends on how much your generator produced inRajshahi power plant. The generated voltage of Katakhali power plant is 11kv and the supply voltage is 132 kV to the national grid. How the process is done if you want to know then click it.

Auxiliary Systems Of Katakhali Power Plant

They use the compressor for two types of work one is start up the air and Numeric air. Startup air is used for the removing the inertia of the engine.the image of Rajshahi power plant transformer

Cooling System of Katakhali Power Plant

Rajshahi power plant, For Cooling System they used water cooling system, heat exchanger, and lube oil system. Water cooling system is used for the external cooling of the generator and also heat exchanger is used for that. Finally, lube oil used for internal cooling and protection of the engine and the generator.

Protection system of Katakhali power plant

 For external protection system, they used water. In Rajshahi power plant, There are two types of pump one is electrical pump another pump is an engine based pump. Moreover, there are foam generator and fire extinguisher for protection. For electrical protection use SF6 circuit barker.

This is all about Rajshahi katakhali peaking power plant power plant.