substation in bangladesh

‘The best artical of  substation in bangladesh. First of all we have to know, what is substation and why we need. Substation is basically called instrument power station and we need this because our transmission line voltage is 132kv without converting this high voltage we cannot use the voltage to our domestic purposes. This conversion is necessary for consumer safety.  We have use 230V or 400V in our domestic purposes. If we have use 132kv or 230kv line in our domestic area it will be harmful for the consumer. That is why we need a substation where we can reduce the high voltage to low voltage because the risk will become less.

A substation consist of   this things

  • Transformer.
  • Current Transformer.
  • Potential Transformer.
  • Lighting Arrestor.
  • Isolator.
  • Breaker.

In substation the transformer works for to convert the high voltage to low voltage. It will convert 132 kv to 33 kv or 230kv to 33kv and this 33kv feeder is converted to many 11kv feeders. The main objectives of this 11kv feeder convey the power towards city or village. There is another transformer to convert the 11kv to 230v or 400v. In three phase connection the voltage is 400v. Single phase line voltage is 230v which is used in our homes.

Now Current Transformer is basically used for measure the current. It is called instrument transformer. Moreover it will monitor the current    passes into it.
Now Potential transformer is used for measure the voltage or monitor the voltage passes into it.
Now Lighting Arrestor consists of high voltage and ground terminal and it is the most important instrument for every substation.  It is used for insulation protection and reduces the damaging effect from lightning.

Now insulator is used in before and after the circuit breaker. Because the separation of breaker connection. If we need to work in breaker than we have to disconnect the insulator for safety proposes. This is about best artical of  substation.